Yuimaru Hakken Seminar 2019 – Training With Yagi Isao Sensei

DOJO Okinawa's Yuimaru Hakken Seminar features three intensive training days with three different sensei. In 2019 the second segment of training for our attendees was in Nanjo with Yagi Isao sensei, 9th dan Motobu-ryu Ryukyu Bujutsu Moudi.

Motobu-ryū is one of the oldest Okinawan arts, once referred to as ushu-ganashi-mē no bugei, or "his majesty's martial art.".
Very different than karate-do as we know it, with none of the stops and starts that characterize karate kata and practice.

There is no uke, defense and attack are simultaneous and happen through evasive irimi movement.

Much of the training involved kawashi waza - moving off the line of attack and in practice would have a strike or multiple strikes simultaneously. Stances are high and narrow, almost exclusively on the balls of the feet. A dojo rule is to remain on the balls of one's feet the entire time on the dojo floor, even when inactive and listening to instruction.

Yuimaru Hakken – intensive karate seminars in Okinawa

2020 Seminars open for applications now

ICHARIBA CHODEI – Immerse yourself in the Okinawa Karate Life

Hi, I’m James Pankiewicz, Matsubayashiryu karate practitioner on Okinawa, founder of The DOJO Bar and more recently the Asato Dojo

I’m very pleased to announce 2 seminars in 2020 in Okinawa designed to give you more than most regular seminars here.


Due to the impact of corona virus on global travel we cancelled both seminars scheduled for 2020.
We sincerely hope to be able to schedule international seminars in the second half of 2021 if the situation permits.

Please feel free to email us for details at info@dojo-okinawa.com**

There are a variety of seminar opportunities in Okinawa every year but most only offer a short taster session with the Okinawan sensei. An hour, 2 hours, even 4 hours with a teacher is hardly enough for them to show anymore than the bare basics of their art. In addition time constraints and language barriers often result in almost no time to have any ...

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