In Support of our Shuri Community

The artwork for our 2020 100 Kobudo Kata event celebrates the birthplace of Okinawan kobudo, SHURI CASTLE, which unfortunately suffered a major fire late last year.

This year we will hold our 100 Kobudo Kata event in the shadow of Shuri Castle at Sakiyama Park and use the event to promote awareness of 6 local Shuri locations which are a MUST SEE when you go to Shuri.

Reconstruction of the Shuri Castle buildings will take years but in the meantime if you are in Okinawa please take time to explore the Shuri area and enjoy all the rich history and culture that it has to offer. Our recommended 6 locations in Shuri give you a great starting point to sample the sights, tastes and secrets of Shuri, the old capital of Okinawa island.

View and download the map image via this link

Recommended locations:
1. EICHIN - handmade sweets store. This tiny store run by a local Shuri couple, the Kinjos, sells delicious sweets and holds a special secret. Ask the Kinjos for information ...

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Feedback from the 2019 Yuimaru Hakken seminar in Okinawa

At the end of 2019 we welcomed 9 participants to the first Yuimaru Hakken karate seminar in Okinawa.

Over the next 12 days of intensive study they experienced an often challenging but very rewarding introduction to 3 different traditional Okinawan styles PLUS lots of extra learning opportunities (see below). Many participants said they would return for the seminar this year in 2020 even before they had left. They all felt that it was an excellent way to get to know the Okinawan teachers and the arts they pass on.

Several participants very kindly shared their feedback on the seminar experience with us, which we would like to share with you here below.

To find out more about upcoming seminars just follow the links on this page. Yuimaru Hakken seminars in 2020 - click here

Seiji Takahashi , USA.

I’ve arrived safely back in the Bay Area, and have finally gotten around to sending my thoughts on the Yuimaru Hakken Seminar, as per your request; I’m sorry for ...

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