Okinawan Cultural Tours – Karate, Sightseeing, History and More

Personalized day trips around the island for up to 30 people.

Choose your own route from over a dozen sites or select one of our pre-planned days.

From ¥10,000 per person per day.

Destinations can include:

Shuriedo (shop)

Toyosaki Beach

Ippon-Do (shop)

Karate Kaikan (training center)

Okinawa Prefectural Budokan (training center)

Churaumi Aquarium, Emerald Beach & Seaside Park 

Hokama Sensei’s Karate Dojo & Museum

Miyagi Chojun & Kanryo Hihashionna Memorial

Yara Castle Ruins

Okinawa Prefectural Peace Museum & Park

Fukushu-en Garden

Southeast Botanical Garden & Illumination (seasonal)

Many more karate historical sites and sightseeing destinations available

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