Why the 100 Kobudo Kata Challenge 2020 is unique.

The annual worldwide 100 Kobudo Kata event has been an opportunity for kobudo practitioners around the globe to come together as a community, celebrate the art we practice and share our stories of students and mentorships. We value your ongoing participation and thank you for your sincere efforts and support.

On October 31, 2019 a fire engulfed Shuri Castle here in our home of Okinawa.

Shurijo Castle symbolizes the history and culture of Okinawa, and its history is that of the Ryukyu Kingdom itself. While the loss is tragic the government has pledged to rebuild the iconic site and the contributions from the local and global community have been exceptional.

Meeting with our local design team on the 100 Kobudo Kata 2020 t-shirts

This year our event will be held in the town of Shuri. Our 2020 t-shirts will feature a stylized map of the immediate area highlighting some of the local businesses around the castle site.

In the coming weeks we will be featuring prof...

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