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Okinawa- The Dojo of Life

Welcome to the Okinawa Life – good living and happy lifestyle under the tropical sun. Since times past Okinawans have known how to live the good life with simple pleasures. So we call Okinawa ‘the dojo of life’ – come and discover the rich culture and wisdom of our island.

Born from the cradle of karate

We take inspiration from the world of Okinawan karate to create our goods. Because ‘Okinawan karate’ is actually about much more than just karate. It is a way of life, a way of living and learning every day. We value ‘YUIMARU’ – the connection between us that keeps us together, and we celebrate the spirit of ‘ICHARIBA CHODE’ – because in our hearts we are all brothers and sisters just waiting to meet each other. This is the meaning of Okinawa Karate Life for us and the source of our passion and our ideas in our goods.

A vibrant ‘CHAMPURU’ culture

Since the old times Okinawa has thrived as a hub for trade and exchange. So its island culture and people have become a vibrant ‘CHAMPURU’ culture, an amazing and unique mix of cultures and influences. Okinawans have a deep appreciation for good things, taking them in and adopting them into their CHAMPURU culture. We hope you like our original goods born from this rich culture.

Okinawa- The DOJO of life とは?






Okinawa Karate Life Originals

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