Karate Island Wear


About Karate Island Wear

The Aloha style shirt is the most famous of Okinawan clothing styles so we were inspired to create a range of unique ‘karate Island Wear’ designs with the flavour of Okinawa, karate and the Dojo Bar – Okinawa’s famous karate bar. The Dragon Karate shirts were designed by a famous local artist – ‘Zenryu Soronin’ – a celebrated ink painter and calligrapher who produced this unique design featuring Ryukyu style dragons and karate figures. In addition we partnered with the local team at Ryukyu Piras to design and produce our Karate Island Wear 100% in Okinawa.

These high quality Dragon Karate shirts are versatile enough to wear for both informal and formal occasions in Okinawa, casual or workplace. And they make a fantastic gift from Okinawa for loved ones back home. The unisex design suits both men and women.



Karate Island Wear Collection

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