Okinawa Karate Life – Higa Dojo

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Okinawa Karate Life : Higa Sensei in Taiwan!

Higa Masaharu sensei is a Shorinryu karate teacher and active researcher into the history and development of Okinawan martial arts. He's also a gifted sanshin player (think the Jimi Hendrix of sanshin!), habu snake catcher and a pillar of his local community in Yomitan. He's also a very stylish gentleman and a good friend. So I couldn't wait to show him our new Karate Island Shirt designs and get his opinion. Well, as always he didn't disappoint. Initially he went for the red Dragon Karate shirt, tried that on and commented that he could wear that for work and karate events. I think he really liked it for the detailed design and the soft red colour. But then I showed him the blue Karate Action Shirt and he was sold! In fact this shirt design is made up of a collage of p...
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