Exploring Naihanchi kata applications

This week, The Karate Nerds dug into some applications of Naihanchi bunkai.

Location: the new Karate Kaikan dojo in Tomigusuku, Okinawa.

We train together several times a week (in addition to our individual commitments to train with various local teachers) and use the sessions to compare learning and ideas. Often we cover some much interesting stuff that no-one remembers to video it as we are all training hard (lots of sweat!, hey its Okinawa).   This time, however, we decided to make sure to take some video footage. Included below each video is an explanation of how to apply the techniques being demonstrated in the video, as well as why it is done the way it is being shown. A knowledge of Naihanchi kata will help you in recognising the stances and movements shown here. Naihanchi kata would appear to have a great number of potential applications so this is just a tiny fraction of the possibilities.   *And obviously, PLEASE BE CAREFUL IF YOU CHOOSE TO TRY ANY OF THESE T...
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Karate Nerds: The First Interviews

Karate Nerds:

The First Interviews

The Karate Nerds in Okinawa are living the life! But for some of us, the novel and amazing journey here will soon be coming to an end...

But before it's over, we wanted to actually sit down with each of the 2017 Nerds individually and get some of their thoughts about their experiences here in Okinawa - what they've learned, what they expect to take back home to their respective countries when it's all over, but most importantly, how they're outlook on life and Karate in general has changed as a result of this amazing adventure!

So without further ado...

In this first round of interviews, we have Josh LaSelva and Jose Manuel Hinojosa -

We will begin with Jose's interview:

Q: Jose, can you tell us a little bit about how you came to be a part of the 2017 Karate Nerd Experience? What was it like for you in getting prepared to come here?

A: "I'm a 27 years old martial artist with a long career behind me. Training Tae...

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