100 Kata Challenge events

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who took part in the 100 Kata Challenge event on October 25th 2019 – “100 Kata for Karate Day”. Over 160 Dojo worldwide registered and completed the event. Well done to you all!

This international martial arts event led from Okinawa, the home of kobudo and karate consists of performing 100 kata in sequence. Participants are free to choose a preferred kata, and progress at their own pace. Participation is open to all ages and levels. Even if you are not sure you can complete 100 repetitions we warmly encourage you to take on the next challenge event and do your best. The only way you can fail is by not taking part!


Next event: April 5th, 2020 - 100 Kobudo Kata Challenge

This event is FREE to enter and we ask that participating dojo and groups around the world open participation to everyone at their locations.

Choose a kobudo kata (a traditional weapons form base...

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Yuimaru Hakken – intensive karate seminars in Okinawa

2020 Seminars open for applications now

ICHARIBA CHODEI – Immerse yourself in the Okinawa Karate Life

Hi, I’m James Pankiewicz, Matsubayashiryu karate practitioner on Okinawa, founder of The DOJO Bar and more recently the Asato Dojo

I’m very pleased to announce 2 seminars in 2020 in Okinawa designed to give you more than most regular seminars here. There are a variety of seminar opportunities in Okinawa every year but most only offer a short taster session with the Okinawan sensei. An hour, 2 hours, even 4 hours with a teacher is hardly enough for them to show anymore than the bare basics of their art. In addition time constraints and language barriers often result in almost no time to have any meaningful and developed dialogue with the teacher to understand their views on their art, their history, experience and philosophy. As a Japanese speaker I can tell you that your understanding of karate can be TRANSFORMED by just one good conversation with the right teacher.

Yuimaru Hakken Karate Seminar 2020
Yuimaru Hakken Karate Seminar 2020
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