Yuimaru Hakken Seminar 2019 – Training with Nakasone Koichi sensei and Maki Toguchi sensei

DOJO Okinawa’s Yuimaru Hakken Seminar features three intensive training days with three different sensei. In 2019 the first segment of training for our attendees was in Nakijin with Nakasone Koichi sensei, 9th Dan Ryukyu Kingdom Sui-di Bujutsu and his top student Maki Toguchi sensei. Nakasone sensei has been studying for approximately 60 years and brought a wealth of practical, real world applications to the seminar participants.

A veteran of decades of kumite, Nakasone sensei stresses softness and quickness in technique and engagement. The concept being that hard blocking and grabbing serves to alert your attacker to your intentions and gives them an opportunity to respond defensively whereas a soft approach allows the opponent to stay focused on their own technique, unaware of the defensive response and counter.

Indeed, as one works with him this way there are times when kicks and strikes appear to land as his defense is incredibly subtle and he is in range and inside your guard without you realizing it until he gives you a lighting fast tap on the head to let you know he’s there.

Almost all of our sessions with Nakasone sensei and Maki sensei involved these concepts and the majority of the time was spent in partner drills exploring and practicing them.

It can be a surprising challenge to be soft, to not rely on traditional techniques as we perceive them and to test them against much larger and/or stronger opponents as Nakasone sensei has done for many, many years and brings that credibility to what he teaches.

One of our seminar attendees learning from Nakasone sensei

To top it all off Nakasone sensei is a wonderfully warm and funny man which belies his fearsome ability, as is Maki sensei who’s ability reflects her teacher. They joined us for dinner each evening and Nakasone sensei never stops teaching and these evening sessions over soba and sake were just as enlightening as our afternoon sessions in our dogis.

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