100 Kata Challenge events

This international martial arts event led from Okinawa, the home of kobudo and karate, consists of performing 100 kata in sequence.

The 100 Kata Challenges are a celebration of our passion for martial arts and our connection with Okinawa, the birthplace of karate. Every year more and more people around the world take up the challenge and join our worldwide community of karate and kobudo fans.

The rules of the event are simple. Participants are free to choose a preferred kata, and progress at their own pace. Participation is open to all ages and levels. Even if you are not sure you can complete 100 repetitions we warmly encourage you to take on the next challenge event and do your best. The only way you can fail is by not taking part!

As always we invite everyone to take part from wherever you are – at home, your dojo, an outside location or wherever. Please take some pictures and video and share with us on our Facebook page.

The next 100 Kata Challenge event is on October 23rd-24th 2021.

Please feel free to use these official logo images in your local event promotion. The 100 Kata Challenge is a not-for-profit, free participation event so we ask you run your local event in that spirit.

Global Registration is now OPEN – please use this form to register you/your dojo group

By registering here you will appear on the official global list of participants.

Registered dojos will have access to FREE Participation Certificate templates.

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The 100 Kata Challenge event is an ideal opportunity for experienced practitioners and those with an interest in taking up traditional karate and kobudo practice to watch and try out kata practice. There is simply no better way to start learning your first kata than doing 100 repetitions of that kata!

Choose a karate kata (preferably a karate form based on an Okinawan style) and complete 100 repetitions. Traditional karate in Okinawa includes Shorin-ryu, Goju-ryu, Uechi-ryu, Ryueiryu and many more and is related to Shotokan, Shito-ryu, Kyokushin among many others.

If you want to try Karate for the first time at this 100 Kata event but don’t know where to go to participate then please email us at info@challengeokinawa.com and we will try to find a participating dojo close to you.

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October 25th, 2020 – 100 Kata for Karate Day Challenge – you did it!

Last year’s “100 Kata for Karate Day challenge” was a huge success with around 250 dojos around the world taking part.
Thank you to everyone for sharing your videos and pictures – these are all included in our 2020 Global Tribute video which is free to watch on www.bujin.tv. Just do a Search for ” 100 Kata ” to find more videos from past events.
Special congratulations to those dojos that used the 100 Kata Challenge event to raise donations for their favorite charities. I’m sure your kindness and compassion will be greatly appreciated.

Last year we were very pleased to partner for the first time with a brand new Streaming Platform for Martial Arts at www.Bujin.tv .

Bujin.tv hosts our 2020 International Highlights video which includes your videos and images!

Check out our video report from the 2018 event here in Okinawa – a great day was had by all at Naminoue shrine and beach in Okinawa!

Okinawa 2015 – Zakimi Castle Ruins

Event report: the 100 Kobudo Kata Challenge 2019

On Sunday 31st March 2019, 90 dojos located in countries all around the world took part in the 100 Kobudo Kata Challenge. In Okinawa the event attracted around 40 participants and supporters and was held for the first time at Sakiyama Park in Shuri, a site full of history of karate and kobudo.

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